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We have a full support team, built to help you as you prepare to open your Pebble Spa Franchise. From helping you find the perfect location, to training you and up to 10 of your staff members in all of our procedures and services, there is comprehensive support to get you started on the right track.


After you have opened your Pebble Spa Franchise, there is a plethora of ongoing support services to enable your success as you continue on your journey with the Pebble Spa.  From continued training when needed, to a community outreach coordinator and retail manager, our team is ready to ensure that each franchise has the support it needs to flourish.



Director of Franchise Development - Responsible for answering questions and coordinating all support services.

Director of Operations - Responsible for the majority of the training, including POS and procedure training.

Director of Massage and Modality Training - Responsible for modality training and ensuring that all therapists are properly trained and able to perform all Pebble Spa services. Also responsible for ensuring that services are performed consistently across all Pebble Spas.

Retail, Vendor and Purchasing Director - Responsible for the ordering of all retail products for corporate and franchise boutiques as well as display ideas and formats.

Director of Events, Programming and Community Outreach - Responsible for helping with event planning such as Grand Opening events, large sales or Holiday events, and any special events at corporate and franchise locations.

Director of Human Resources - Will take part in the Franchise training sessions as an HR resource in best practices and procedures. Will also be available as a resource during the hiring process prior to opening to answer questions and aid in HR related issues.

Director of Marketing - Responsible for system wide marketing and some franchise specific marketing.

Franchise Support

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