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Who We Are


Pebble Spa opened its doors 20 years ago, first in Bellingham, Washington, before moving to the north woods of Ely, MN. After breaking both collarbones and suffering chronic pain as a child, founder Wendy Lindsay set out to provide services that could help others experience a life of wellness, balance, and joy.

The Pebble Spa has since opened three locations in Minnesota, focusing on business models that flourish within small communities, tourist and seasonal destinations, and urban settlements. The spas feature organic-based treatments inspired by the natural world that surrounds the spas, with treatments in massage, facials, foot, hand, body, and wellness techniques—boutiques hosting clothing, gifts, body products, and home decor round the experience.

The Pebble compass builds and supports community, service, and growth.


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Why Pebble Spa

What Makes Pebble Spa Extraordinary


The Pebble Culture

At the Pebble Spa we seek to provide professional and high - quality services for our guests - full of integrity, respect, passion, beauty, balance and heart. 


We also endeavor to build long-lasting relationships that are friendly, compassionate and loyal. 

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Business Model

The Pebble Spa has become a hallmark of quality and style. We have experienced business models within rural, seasonal, and urban neighborhoods. There are multiple revenue stream options.

The Pebble way instinctively creates a symbiotic relationship with the community where you build your dream. We have different operation sizes that meet your price echelon and goals, with extensive training and support to ensure your franchise is flourishing.


Franchise Support

Our dedicated team of experts has worked and collaborated in the field for over two decades. With their knowledge and expertise, they will be able to guide you step by step as you build your dream.


From visiting our locations to working hand in hand with our team of dedicated experts, you will feel supported throughout the process of setting up your dream.


Services We Provide

We pride ourselves in the quality of products - not only within the treatments but in our boutiques. From Swedish Massage to Craniosacral, the services you will soon be able to offer are sure to please the crowd.


The offerings you will be able to provide will quickly build a dedicated and passionate client base that will bolster the growth and success of your franchise.


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229 E Sheridan St. Ely, MN 55731

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